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Creative Destruction Hack

Creative Destruction is a sandbox FPS & survival game launched by NetEase. The game will take you to an exciting journey of building and firing where survival is the only objective for you to achieve success.

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There has been a buzz that the game is an image of Fortnite. But we have a different vision on every game, and we found Creative Destruction has some unique feature and excellent performance in mobile gaming.

As a result, we are here with some creative destruction hack and cheats for this clone. If you are looking for creative Destruction unlimited money, then you should keep patience and read till the end

Top Creative Destruction Hack And Cheats

Learn to Make a Perfect Landing

This sandbox survival game allows users to navigate through the compass for their landing spot when they are still in the airborne vessel. You need to learn the perfect landing as no creative destruction hack apk will help you to find a safe place for yourself where you can easily hide and attack.

If you land at a place without any rock and building, there are chances that you might get attacked as the attacks will begin as soon as you hit the ground.

Not only building and rocks, but you also need to find a place where there is more chance of finding weapons and gears.

The creative Destruction cheats to gain an advantage from the beginning is to land in a place surrounded by rocks and buildings.

You always will require a high amount of building materials and defensive items in the game. So, give more time and efforts for collecting your resources instead taking down enemies.

Arm Yourself Up!

The game is filled with a massive arms gallery where you will find everything from weapons to grenade and bombs. The rarity type of your weapons affects a lot on your survival chances.

There are different colours specified for the different ratings of weapons like white (common) for the lowest and gold (legendary) for the highest score.

Your compass will always indicate a shiny icon whenever you are close to a chest filled with surprising goodies and some rare weapons.

You have the chance to equip several arms among the weapons with a different type of rarities like pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc.

Another creative destruction hack to grab some unique and high rarity weapons in the game is by collecting the loot from the airdrop that brings chests to the ground.

Follow Your Mini-Map

If dealt properly, your mini-map can help you a lot in the game. You should learn to follow the signals in the game if you want to be the winner. Not only it makes it easy, but it also saves a lot of your time.

It is placed on the right-hand side of the top of your screen. Every time, an enemy seems closer to you, it will show you signal and will also show footprints. Creative destruction cheats are to navigate in a position that is the best place to kill the enemy.

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You can check all the sides of the battleground of the screen from top/bottom/ left/right just by clicking and holding the icon.

Collect Equipment From the Building

There are high chances of getting stuff inside the premises. Move to a place where many buildings are placed together. So you can easily collect equipment without getting attacked by the enemies.

The creative destruction hack is to collect the loot first, and then move to attack the enemies. Collect your equipment to have active defensive and offensive strategies, and then start killing enemies.

Stay Safe!

Like we mentioned earlier, survival is your core objective in Creative Destruction. You should always find a hiding place after collecting your loots and items.

Never stay in the open battlefield, as your enemies are always in a hunt to find you unarmed or inattentive to attack you.

creative destruction hack tool

Just like you, your enemies are also hiding at safe places like, in buildings, towers, rocks, and mountains, etc. So it’s better to stay in a safe place as soon as you finish with your task.

Plan a Strategy Before Building!

The building is another primary task in creative Destruction that is not available in creative Destruction mod apk. Here you have to use the full potential of your destructor. The destructor destroys everything that comes between the path and turns it in building material.

You can get the advantage to collect a right amount of building material at a place where there are a large group of enemies.

You enemies are always in a lookout for destroying the buildings you create. Regarding it, the creative destruction hack is to use your spare quick built energy to build four protective walls around your structures.

Though it does not protect your building for a long time, it can give enough to make a strategy to deal with them.

You can fool around your enemies by building all your buildings at one side. This way, enemies will destroy your building to kill you, and you can attack them from your safe place.

Master Your Shots And Moves

You have to learn to use the weapons to get a perfect shot. You will find a scope and trigger button on the screen. These will help you to attack enemies when they are standing in front of you directly. Once you learn to master these controls, you can easily defeat enemies in the game.

Never Stay Still While Attacking Your Enemy

Do not underestimate your enemies and remember that you are alone and they are in a bunch. You should not remain at the same place for a long time as your chances of being attacked will be highly increased.

Your enemies can easily target you even at your hiding place, especially if they are using a sniper. So, it’s better to keep changing your directions.

Try Not to Get Tracked at The End

For a triumphant ending, you need to save yourself first as the one who monitors the other first, will be the winner.

When only one player is alive with you Try to be safe till the last at a place where no one can easily track you. If your enemy finds you first, he will take the advantage. You must know then how to hack creative Destruction and stay safe.

Usually, a tower is preferred as you can easily target from there and it will be tough for your enemies to target you.

How to Get Coins, Starcoins And Diamonds

In-game currencies play an essential part in creative Destruction. Although it cannot be said that the game can be played without in-game currency but obtaining creative destruction unlimited diamonds is not possible without purchase from the developer.

However, there are a few ways to get these items from the gameplay. We will explain them in this article, but before you know how to get coins in Creative Destruction, let us know what they are?

Gold coins, Star Coins, Diamonds these are three currencies that control the game. Following are the tricks that fill in your game account with these items. You need not any creative destruction hack apk if you use these Creative destruction cheats cautiously.

Daily Missions

Your daily missions are the most significant source of earning creative Destruction unlimited money. There are a lot of rewards waiting to be unlocked for you in the day-to-day tasks like gold, experience points, star coins and many more.

Several tasks will be given to you in these daily missions from constructing buildings to dealing with specific weapons and so on.

You can also earn exchange medals which can be used later for exchanging special chests containing star coins, gold, some special weapon skins and a few cosmetic options for your avatar as well!!

These daily missions will not give you creative Destruction unlimited diamonds but can save your premium currency for buying and upgrading avatars in the game.

Daily Login

Daily login in the game is the easiest creative destruction hack to get coins, star coins and chests. You can get suits and gears by opening these daily chests also. Rewards can be gold coins from 500 to 1000, star coins from 50 to 75, and on the seventh day, you will receive a boutique costume chest.

Connecting Your Email

You will get a reward of 500 star coins for binding your email for the first time in the month. So when you know how to hack creative Destruction, you will get these starcoins without any effort.

Bind Account

Binding your account with any google or Facebook account rewards you 500 Star coins. Isn’t it the most convenient among creative destruction cheats to do?

Call In Airdrops to Get Rewarded

Airdrops are great creative destruction hack to get starcoins and coins. In the Event tab, you will get the Airdrop options to claim the rewards for your achievements. The coins rewarded are handsome, and it is not automatically added to your account until you claim.

The Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds is an event that rewards you up to 500 coins and fifty starcoins as a creative destruction hack when you complete each one successfully. The missions are straightforward and include specific tasks. Once you complete the task, you will need to collect the rewards.

Daily Share

Share the game daily and receive coins. But remember only first share counts in the reward system.


The best creative destruction hack is for the beginners of the game, and that is given as a starter boost. There are a bunch of tutorials available in the game to play. It will provide you thirty starcoins each for completing them.

Stay Away From Scam Creative Destruction Hack Sites!!

These days the internet is flooded with a lot of scam sites offering generators and creative Destruction Mod apk for the games. You should always protect your online privacy from these websites. These sites take away your data, use them for illicit benefits.

Always check the authenticity of the websites before putting any of your information.

Final Words

Here, we mentioned all the possible strategies and creative Destruction cheats to be the last survivor in Creative Destruction. Follow the methods as mentioned above and enjoy the fantastic journey by building structures and using high rarity weapons.